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Jul 09

tag2domain - a system for labeling DNS domains

tag2domain is a sub-project within the CEF-TC-2018-3 project of GmbH / It lays down the fundamental groundwork for doing proper statistics on IT security incidents for domain names (i.e. "how to label and count correctly in a future-proof way").

Written by: Aaron Kaplan

Jun 30

Tools for processing Certificate Transparency Log data of "certspotter" published

The Austrian Energy CERT and GovCERT Austria monitor the Certificate Transparency Logs ("CTL") for their constituents' domains to quickly detect and respond to any problems.

Written by: Sebastian Wagner

Jun 22

IntelMQ Releases 2.1.3 and 2.2.0

On 26th of May we released the IntelMQ Maintenance Version 2.1.3 and on 18th June the Feature Release 2.2.0. Both versions include various changes, both error corrections and new functionality. We thank all contributors and members of the IntelMQ community for their participation in this community project.

Written by: Sebastian Wagner

Apr 28

IntelMQ Manager release 2.1.1 fixes critical security issue

The IntelMQ Manager version 2.1.1 released yesterday fixes a Remote Code Execution flaw (CWE-78: 'OS Command Injection'). The documentation for version 2.1.1 and installation instructions can be found on our GitHub repository.

Jan 29

IntelMQ Version 2.1.2 released

On 28th January, we released the IntelMQ maintenance version 2.1.2 containing only bugfixes for the 2.1.x release series. The documentation for version 2.1.2 and installation instructions can be found on our github repository.

The upcoming version 2.2.0 - and current development version - will have several new features to offer.

Jan 29

TRANSITS II in Utrecht

Dimitri Robl from attended the TRANSITS II Training in Utrecht from 21. - 23. of January 2020. It was a lot of fun :)

Aug 06

Sextortion Spam Scientifically Scrutinized

Sextortion scams are one of the big newcomers in Internet fraud of the last year. In these campaigns spammers send e-mails which claim that they have hacked into the victim's computer and used its webcam to film the victim masturbating while surfing adult websites.

Jul 16

Topinambour & Windows event logs

* Block outgoing SMB traffic if you can.
* Hunt or Monitor for event ID 106 in "Microsoft-Windows-TaskScheduler%4Operational.evtx". ...

Mar 14

MeliCERTes Training in Vienna

From March 11th to March 13th hosted an introductory MeliCERTes Training which covered the basic functionalities of the applications used in MeliCERTes as well as the topic of CSIRT maturity as laid down in the SIM3 model and covered by the CSIRT maturity self-assessment survey by ENISA.

Together ...

Mar 13

New PGP-Keys

Since our "old" (2014 vintage) PGP-keys are near their expiry date, we have generated a new set of keys. They are available via our usual PGP keyring.

A transition-document, (inline) signed with both old & new keys, can be found at key-transition-2019.txt.

Author: Robert Waldner